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Queensland Fruit Fly

Queensland fruit fly is Victoria's worst fruit pest. Poorly-maintained backyard fruit trees, with overripe and fallen fruit around their bases, are one of the main sources of outbreaks in towns within fruit-growing areas.

The Goulburn Valley is world-renowned for their fruit.

A Queensland fruit fly outbreak means that host fruit from local fruit-growing areas must be certified and treated prior to leaving the area, which results in extra expense for the growers. Fruit fly outbreaks may also mean home-grown fruit becomes inedible.

Residents can play an important role in preventing outbreaks by not bringing fresh host produce home from friends, neighbours or visits to family members. Fruit infested with fruit fly eggs or maggots may appear to be perfect on the outside, so the infestation may not be discovered until it is too late.

Greater Shepparton lies within the Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone and there are restrictions on the movement of fruit into the zone (see DPI website for map).

Residents can also manage their backyard fruit trees to stop fruit flies establishing in our region.

For more information about Queensland fruit fly, visit the Department of Primary Industries website.